June 27, 2016

To All my Dear Clients and Friends:

UPC Codes on Produce: Do you know what it all means?

Produce carry a sticker called “price look-up codes (PLUs). These PLU Code stickers tell you the price and how fruits & veggies were grown.

Organic: no synthetic pesticides and chem...

June 27, 2016


Some great tips from Mary Anne about organic vs. non-organic produce. 

Below are the two lists for you to print out and/or memorize.  The pesticides are cumulative in our tissues and make the liver work over-time to detoxify them.  It's hard to keep the liver functioni...

That innocent-looking can of soda pop-no matter what it’s sweetened with-may be taking a toll on your immunity. Here’s why: 

1. People who drink sodas instead of healthy beverages (think low-fat milk and pure fruit juice) are less likely to get adequate vitamin A, calci...

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